Amara Tomana, Activities

Langberg in the southeastern Free State

The mountain

The largest part of Langberg is on the farm where Amara Tomana is located. Guests are welcome to explore the mountainous terrain, streams and past sandstone cliffs during their stay. Even a look at a traditional Basotho settlement is possible, because the farm borders Lesotho.

Amara Tomana - trails
Amara Tomana - southeastern Free State.


The 5 km challenging road up the mountain offers guests the opportunity to test their fitness by walking, running or cycling. There are also other roads for more adventurous motorcyclists and 4 x 4 enthusiasts. A map of the routes is available for visitors. The trails are not rated, but promise hours of fun.

Other activities include bird watching, guinea-fowl hunting and star-gazing, but Amara Tomana’s greatest goal is to let guests experience the calmness and tranquillity of nature. Visitors can even be surprised by wild kudus and other bucks moving down the mountain to graze in the fields!
Amara Tomana - trails
Amara Tomana - Kruis
Amara Tomana mountain
Amara Tomana - 4x4 trails
The cross on top of the mountain is visible form Amara Tomana. There is a booklet with the special story behind the construction of the cross available in the information file on the counter or visitors are welcome to ask Tommie and Diana for the evidence to share.

Inside the mountain cottage are various board games, a puzzle and books to keep guests occupied.

Amara Tomana - trails
Amara Tomana - southeastern Free State

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